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Welcome to official homepage for U.S. CIOR Milcomp. We have a proud history spanning over seven decades of competition with NATO-partners and allies; and recently have expanded our aperture to compete with other countries through endeavors such as Partnership for Peace (PfP). Our goal is promoting officer and enlisted development through joint and international competition. We also believe in forging lifelong bonds with our international partners that ultimately strengthen our alliances.

This competition is rooted in core military competencies (land obstacles, water obstacles, land navigation, shooting, field medicine, etc.) which allow all partner countries to bring their best reservists to the forefront (in three-person teams), thereby testing their abilities in friendly competition. It is held annually at rotating international venues worldwide.

Our legitimacy is rooted in organizations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NATO Reserve Force Committee (NFRC), Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). U.S. CIOR Milcomp is one of many committees that meet annually in conjunction with our partner nations. The following are other committees that meet in order to promote relations and foster ideas for enhancing worldwide security.

  • Defence Attitudes and Security Issues Committee (DEFSEC)
  • Civil/Military Cooperation Committee (CIMIC)
  • Military Competitions Committee (MILCOMP)
  • Legal Committee
  • Partnership for Peace Committee (PfP)
  • Language Academy Committee
  • Winter Seminar Committee
  • Young Reserve Officers Committee (YROW)
  • Public Affairs Committee

This competition welcomes all members of the U.S. Reserves and Guard to apply for consideration. This includes members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and interestingly enough, college cadets throughout the country.

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